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1. Google* 2. Facebook 3. YouTube 4. Yahoo 5. Baidu
6. Wikipedia 7. Bing 8. Amazon 9. eBay 10. IMDb

* Just Web Search - For Images, Maps, etc. see all Google results.
List based on Alexa's rankings. Alternatively, see the most downloaded plugins.

What is the Mycroft Project?

The Mycroft Project is a collection of over 27 thousand OpenSearch & Sherlock Search Engine Plugins for your internet browser.
[OpenSearch Icon] OpenSearch is supported by [Firefox Icon] Firefox, [IE Icon] IE and [Chrome Icon] Chrome.
[Sherlock Icon] Sherlock is supported by [Firefox Icon] Firefox, and other Mozilla-based browsers.

The name Mycroft refers to Mycroft Holmes, the brother of Sherlock Holmes in the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle - The Mycroft Project originates from Apple's Sherlock software.

What is a Search Engine Plugin?

A search engine plugin allows you to access a search engine directly from your browser. In Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer you use the search bar at the top right. Microsoft appears to prefer the term Search Provider but there is no difference in function. There are also tools to add search capability to right click menus and other locations.

Note: If you are looking for browser plug-ins go to PluginDoc.