Mycroft Project

Editing or Updating a plugin

Developers are currently unable to edit or delete existing plugins. Improvements are planned at some point but for now see below for instructions.

Updating a plugin

This requires you to submit a new plugin. So that the old plugin will update to the new one automatically the references must match. The best way to do this is to enter the numeric id of the existing plugin in the submission form. You can find both the numeric id and the reference by mouseover-ing the plugin name in search results. For example, the main plugin for this site has the reference 'mycroft' and numeric id 12627.
Initially this will result in duplicate versions of the plugin being listed in search results. Updates will be manually reviewed and assuming the update is not malicious the old version will be deleted. This will normally be completed within 24 hours

Minor updates to multiple plugins

Please get in touch first as it may be easier to manually edit the existing plugins rather than submitting new versions especially if it's just a favicon change or if you want to edit the name you have submitted plugins under, etc.

Deleting a plugin

Please send me an email and either link to the relevant search results or provide the numeric id that you are referring to - see the mouseover again.

Any problems?

Feel free to email mail(at) and I shall try and resolve the problem / improve the clarity of this page.