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  1. Arts & Media - Animation
    OpenSearch Working Icon Ekle Facebook & MySpace Blog via Google Search en-WW ( by Richard Ekle [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon IM Facebook & MySpace Blog via Google Search en-WW ( by Leonard [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon TF Facebook & MySpace Blog via Google Search en-US ( by Dumanov [Review]
  2. Arts & Media - Film, TV & Video
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook - Video mirror en-WW ( by Danial [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Video Search via Google tr-WW ( by SÜHA HAYAL [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Google 100 Source:Facebook Only Videos en-WW ( by DaGina [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Temakolik MySpace Facebook (3rd Party - Google) en-WW ( by tema kolik [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Youtube & Facebook Search (3rd Party - Google) en-WW ( by Adnan [Review]
  3. Arts & Media - Music
    OpenSearch Working Icon iLike on Facebook en-WW ( by Mauricio Caceres [Review]
  4. Games
    OpenSearch Working Icon FB Profile by ID# en-WW ( by pNd [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Gang Wars By Zinga ID Search en-WW ( by Dror [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Gangster Battle ID en-WW ( by WASS [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Mob Wars Profile (by Facebook ID#) en-WW ( by Dror [Review]
  5. Games - Roleplaying
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Sorority Life Id Look-up en-WW ( by Christopher [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Otoyun Social Facebook Search en-WW ( by Hutson [Review]
  6. Games - Video Games
    OpenSearch Working Icon Kopekoyun Social Facebook Search en-WW ( by Oyun [Review]
  7. Internet
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Qwant Dark -pinterest -Facebook en-US ( by Dravo [Review]
  8. Major Engines
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Bing NO (SafeSearch/Pinterest/Facebook/Youtube) en-WW ( by Dravo [Review]
  9. Shopping - Books
    OpenSearch Working Icon Visual Bookshelf en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
  10. Society - Social Network
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Bitcoin Argentina es-AR ( by Brenda Fernández [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook en-WW ( by Omri David [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook en-WW ( by tgpk [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook (3rd Party - Google cs) en-WW ( by KLepo [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook (google cs) en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook - Like URL en-US ( by JoeTheGhost [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook - People en-WW ( by Crescent Fresh [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook - Share URL en-WW ( by Song Ken Vern [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook Graph API en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Hashtag en-WW ( by Diego Hughes [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Music Group en-WW ( by facebook [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook Musician Search en-WW ( by facebook [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook Search en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Facebook Trends en-WW ( by Marco [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Username en-WW ( by richard killingsworth [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Web Search en-WW ( by b.hygate [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Seegugio en-WW ( by Mikelo [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon Ws Social Facebook & Baidu Fan Blog en-WW ( by Donald [Review]
  11. Undefined
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Facebook Gaming Directory en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon FV Gifter en-US ( by Jason A [Review]

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