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Submission Utility

Have made a number of changes to the way this form works recently...

Bugs / Suggestions - please file a bug or email mail(at)

If you would like to use a plugin previously submitted as a starting point, enter its numeric id here - available by mousing over a plugin name or if you received a deletion email, in the subject.

If you would like to upload an OpenSearch description file (max 20k) use this field and most of the details will be parsed into the form:

Please fill all fields and hit 'Generate Plugin'. It is then possible to review the OpenSearch description.
When you are ready, press 'Submit Plugin'.

There is detailed documentation at and with reference to Firefox at the Mozilla Developer Center.
This is the key for updates. If you are submitting an update please use the same reference as the existing plugin - available by mousing over the plugin in search results. If you are submitting a new plugin it must be a unique reference eg 'googleuk_web', 'allmusic-artist' or 'domaintld-category' rather than 'plugin', etc.

(Request new countries by email)
(Request new languages by email)
Please generate and then install to test before submitting if you are not sure a plugin will work.