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  1. Dictionaries
    OpenSearch Untested Icon WWWJDIC - Example Search en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon WWWJDIC - Japanese Dictionary en-WW ( by Cliff Cramer [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon WWWJDIC - Japanese Kanji Lookup ja-WW ( by Krayzier [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon WWWJDIC CA - Dictionary Lookup en-CA ( by Bidouleroux [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon WWWJDIC CA - Kanji Lookup ja-CA ( by Bidouleroux [Review]
  2. Dictionaries - Translation
    OpenSearch Working Icon WWWJDIC - Japanese Dictionary - Romaji en-WW ( by Thomas Petillon [Review]

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Sherlock Sherlock - supported by Firefox and SeaMonkey.
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