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  1. Arts & Media - Music
    OpenSearch Working Icon Soundarchiv Sound effects en-WW ( by Anon [Review]
  2. Dictionaries
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Goodrae (sin desambiguación) es-ES ( by Jesús M. Giménez [Review]
    OpenSearch Untested Icon de-DE ( by Anonymous [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon RAE - CORDE es-ES ( by Jesús M. Giménez [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon RAE - CREA es-ES ( by Jesús M. Giménez [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon RAE - DLE (Diccionario de la lengua española) es-WW ( by Jorge Gómez Jiménez [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon RAE - DLE (sin búsqueda lematizada) es-ES ( by Fernando Campos Leza [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon RAE - DUDAS es-ES ( by Anon [Review]
    OpenSearch Working Icon WordReference es - definición RAE es-WW ( by Adrián Fernández [Review]
  3. Games
    OpenSearch Working Icon Kreuzworträtsel de-DE ( by Manuel Reinhard [Review]
  4. Internet - Programming
    OpenSearch Working Icon Drupal Israel he-IL ( by Shahar Mizrahi - YSM [Review]
  5. Major Engines
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Google Israel SSL he-IL ( by Anon [Review]
  6. Recreation
    OpenSearch Untested Icon Fahrräder Günstig de-WW ( by zonkbros [Review]
  7. Shopping - Electronics
    OpenSearch Untested Icon BAUR - Navigationssysteme Navigation TomTom de-DE ( by BAUR Versand [Review]
  8. Undefined
    OpenSearch Working Icon Israel Post (Registered Mail Search) he-IL ( by hatchetman82 [Review]

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